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Friday, July 27th, 2007
12:53 am - Let's get serious now...
I won't be embarrassed to say this, but I've never voted.
Being the first generation born here, my parents don't vote, so politics was never a hot topic at the dinner table.

This electoral year will be different though. I finally have an opinion on politics.

So, I hopped online to youtube and here were some of the more interesting questions that were asked. Albeit some answers weren't solid, but interesting nonetheless:

It was really interesting to hear the candidates' views on universal health plans, immigration, military policy, and the war. Looks like after leaving the college bubble 6 years ago, I'm finally figuring out that whoever is in that Oval office better be doing a good damn job.

I've been SO busy!
-"Trojan Women" (http://myspace.com/trojanwomen2007) with Lodestone is opening in two saturdays
-I just recently joined The Outlet [Improv] Group and will be performing with them as of the second Tuesday in August
-I shot a upromise spec commercial:

-I am scheduled to be shooting a "24" spec episode
-I will be in NYC in September to co-produce a friend's one woman show (www.ART168productions)
-I shot new headshots! I'll be posting these soon.-->

Must sleep... must not get ill...

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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007
1:19 am - mini-update from Junko!
Hello Folks from the East to the West Coast!
How have you all been?

Once again, I'm bad at updating. Oh well. I'll blame it on everything that has to do with life and being an actor.

Anyhow, here is the quickie on what's been going on VERY quickly!

1. Have you seen "Fracture"? Thank you for ALL who have e-mailed, called or texted me. YES! I was in "Fracture" starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. The supporting lady in the film is Rosamund Pike and you can see me right next to her (mostly in profile). Can't miss me :) It may be in the smaller theaters by now, but if you get a chance, go see it. It's quite clever, Anthony Hopkins is great and Ryan Gosling going heads up with Anthony Hopkins is a sight to see.

2. I'm in two shows over the next few months, for all of those in LA(laland):
-"Eavesdropper" now playing at 6470 Santa Monica at The Complex on Theatre Row. The shows are on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays, but I am in the SUNDAY 8pm show!
An uninvited party guests hides behind the shower curtain EAVESDROPPING
on partygoer's private moments, intimate conversations and ends up
witnessing a crime. Thirteen people: In one hour, all their lives will change forever.
A dark, sexy, voyeuristic romp with a surprise ending that keeps
audiences talking. No two shows the same!
As far as WHO I am... well, you'll just have to come see the show :)
GET tickets here: http://www.plays411.com/newsite/show/play_info.asp?show_id=890 ($10) OR
Goldstar.com ($10) OR
RSVP at 323-365-8305
REVIEWS: http://www.calendarlive.com/stage/526660,0,4013246,reviews.event

-"Trojan Women" is be up and running in late June. I am part of the chorus and understudying for one of the supporting roles... In fact, I will be playing a lamenting mother, a role that is VERY new to me and I'm looking forward to the challenge. I will have at least one understudy show. I'll keep you guys posted on that. More info will be posted at http://www.myspace.com/lodestonetheatre in the coming weeks.

That's it for now! This summer is going to be BUSY for me on multiple fronts, even beyond what I've written briefly here.

As always, thanks for your love and support!

Junko Goda

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Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
12:50 am - *fingers cracking*
So, I haven't written in a while, but once I write some of it down, I think you may understand:

Now, three weeks ago was the JACCC event. It went off without a hitch and was, in my opinion, more successful than we'd expected it to be, mostly because nothing went wrong which means that it was very successful. Does that make sense? Anyhow, behind the scenes was a bit hectic with last minute translating and editing of speeches, and meetings. From my point of view, it got a bit hectic in the program when a few speakers sped up their speeches to 5 times what a normal speech would be. This screwed me up, up in the booth because I was trying to read the translated script at a decent pace. After everything was said and done, I actually caught a bug which made me cough a lot.

Now, simultaneously, my mother called me up that week to tell me that 'Dad just got passed the buck to sing in the university alumni karaoke contest and we can't let him sing. Junko we'll fly you back; please sing instead of your dad!" odd huh? I called my mom back the next days to double check and it still was what they wanted. It was the weirdest way of 'saving face' for the family.

So, 10 days after the JACCC is over, I arrived in Chicago for the first time in over a year for a karaoke contest with a nasty cough. My vocal situation wasn't ideal, but what can you do right? I did the best I could do (sang "Gekkou" by Onizuka Chihiro) and spent the evening at the karaoke place with a bunch of 50+ old people.

Now this past weekend, I took my vacation in NYC. It was fabulous. My best friend in Boston asked me 'why the hell would you want to go to NYC for a vacation?' "Because it's cold" I replied. LA-la land weather can get boring. But NYC greeted me with three days of 30F weather with clear blue skies and strong sunny rays of light. Yes, it was one of those vibrant days. I spent NYC without an agenda and just seemingly floated around... I saw a total of 4 friends on the first day and did things as I felt like it. I went to the MET, went to Chinatown. Above all, it was also the food, especially since it was before V-day, the varieties of chocolate galore! And there's nothing like drinking thick hot chocolate after coming in from the cold outdoors. My favorite food experience was definitely The City Bakery on 18th Street. Their fresh pretzel croissant was great and their SHOT of hot chocolate will be a first time experience for all especially for those of you who are chocoholics! I think I'll be going over to the LA one in the next week or two just to re-live my NYC experience. :P

Things I've been working on:
Well, do to circumstances "The Agency" that I was cast for is now canceled, but the director/producer has moved onto a different project and wants me to be involved, so we'll see how that goes. TBA

I started taking two classes: one is an audition 'toolbox' class with Heidi Helen Davis through East West Players on mondays. And on Wednesdays, I am taking improv with Cold Tofu Improv .

Musically speaking, I am not in charge of booking singer songwriters for Komuzika's open mics held every second Sat. of the month.

Also, Kevin So will be back in LA for a week in March, so I've been busy helping out in PR and trying to book him another gig during his visit.

Oh yes, I can't forget to add that I'm helping for Lodestone Theatre Company's Oscar fundraiser party at the end of this month too.

hmm... I see a lot of 'help' and not much mention of 'money' or 'pay.' *sigh* I'll get there...

Again, thanks for listening folks!

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Monday, January 22nd, 2007
11:17 pm - woo hoo!
Okay, first: can someone tell me how to embed youtube stuff into a sponsored account?

Second: here's some exciting stuff you guys!

The trailer for Akira's Hip-Hop Shop is out!
www.akirashiphopshop.com (sign up for the mailing list!)
short trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkjdBuVrBiI
Longer trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yVEQvFh3W0

I'm in there for a little bit ;)

Like I had mentioned, it was super fun to do this short and the cast and crew are super tight, which can be a rarity.

In other news, I started up the audition class tonight; it's so great to be performing again in *any* capacity!

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12:09 am - one of those things that will make me :(
well, at least the bears are going to the super bowl.
Man, it's hard for a girl to chose between her hometown team or her second hometown team.

can't wait for super bowl!

i'll do a short update:
Last week was insane; I was leaving my day job to go home to do more work. I was working for JACCC for the World Heritage Wooden structure forum doing a lo~~~~t: translating and editing speeches, translating more speeches, simultaneously interpreting, and broadcasting it all to a 350+ audience, to be followed by simultaneous interpretation at a reception. *phew*

I ended up getting a bit sick-ish from it, so I ended up chilling our for most of the weekend. bleh.

next on my plate: "Audition tool box" class starts tomorrow night! woo hoo! I'm SO psyched! I've been out of class for about 4 months, so I'm very excited to be going back. I'll also be starting with Cold Tofu improv (www.coldtofu.com) after winning their Level 1 class at a silent auction. woot!

That's it for now, but I shall leave you with this:


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Thursday, January 11th, 2007
12:53 am - quick post..
again, i find myself awake when I should be asleep mostly because I've been bitten by the writing bug. I've all the sudden rekindled my writing... er.. uh.. whatever 'good' it may be. :P

Last night, I started something that will hopefully turn into a one woman show or *something.* It's about roommates. I was just pouring over my computer typing away, so hopefully something will come of it. I'd love to do a one woman show, even if it's a half hour show or something.

Tonight, marked my second capoiera class of the year, and I think I'm hooked. I still believe that aikido is where my fundamental training is based... after 4 to 5 years of rigorous training, my body knows what's going on. But when I think about my Sempai (senior students) they're wonderful aikido-ka because they've done other martial arts and bring that knowledge into their aikido. So, I think with the mark of my 'settling' into LA, it also marks a transition into a different martial art.

oh speaking of... i haven't spoken to Sensei for New Year's yet (not my grandparents either.. yikes! Okay, they're on my to-do list for tomorrow night... my night 'off').

off to bed i go.. oh, btw, if you go to youtube.com and type in capoiera, you'll see this AWESOME choreographed thing of this muy thai guy and capoeira guy... pretty neat stuff (okay, i'm officially hooked).

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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
11:31 pm - not doing too bad...
Tonight, I went to The Actor's Network (http://www.actors-network.com) which is
NOT a cult group
NOT a casting office
NOT a school
NOT a casting workshop

(If you want to know what it's about go to the site or ask me). I went to see Theodore Gekis who is a manager. My new dilemma these days is whether or not to find a manager. In my year here, I've developed a strong sense of the business. I can go in a few directions as far as me as a 'product,' but the avenue that would be the best is a dilemma. I could do the trial and error thing, but that'll just be me taking the long road whereas if I had a manager they'd be a more direct line to finding my best presence in Hollywood. One of the things that I was thinking about, but now in retrospect is quite a small thing is the money issue. A manager takes about 15% of the check whereas an agent takes 10%. Nonetheless, that's 25% of your check plus Uncle Sam taking another 15% or so which means you're left with 40%~50% to me. I was thinking about it, but then I realized that the right manager is pretty much for the long haul, so in the long run, the percentage thing really shouldn't matter. There are a few managers coming into TAN to speak, so I'll get a bit more edumacated in it before I move on it. The good thing is that hopefully by March, my webisode will be airing on the net and that will be a great way to show my work to people.

Oh yesh, so "The Agency" is on hold for a little bit because there was a death in the family of the director/producer. Hopefully we'll be shooting in mid-Feb.

Fortunately, I have an audition on Thursday for a spec commercial for match.com. Spec commercials are the 'what ifs' of commercials. Lots of students do them to be able to shop their directing/film concepts to producers and ad agencies. This director's stuff is pretty cool, so we'll see how it goes.

One print audition last week
One spec commercial audition this week

not bad not bad... gotta do more of those theatrical auditions! I'm planning on taking a meeting with my agent this month to talk da talk.

Capoiera awaits tomorrow...

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Sunday, January 7th, 2007
11:27 pm - almost done...
So, the day after the Bones gig, I got a print audition where I bumped into my friend who just got her first national commercial for Home Depot! yeay! She was THE lucky 99 (or 88 or whatever) perfume girl and she was on a BILLBOARD on Sunset blvd! I was SO excited when I saw it that I called her pronto. I only got her voicemail because she was at dinner with her bf, but they went to go see it after dinner. She's such a good soul ^-^

anywho, I got up this morning to go help out at JACCC (Japanese American Cultural Community Council jaccc.org ... okay, i'm not typing that again) with their 'kotohajime' which is translated as the "first word." Japan announces a 'word for the year' and this year is 'laughing.'

JACCC does this really nice kick off to the year and well... I didn't watch much of it, but I got to help. I threw origami and feathers off the roof of the building. Then we got to drop these vinyl banners off the second floor balcony; it's hard to describe, but it's a site to see ;)

oy, i think that's all for now...

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Thursday, January 4th, 2007
8:54 pm - more *yawn*
I got up at 6am this morning to get to Fox studio lots by my call time of 8am... Haven't been up that early in a while, so I am *definitely* feeling it now!

The part was simple: It's for episode #16 when the main characters are looking through a database of missing asian (mostly) women. I think later on we also turn up dead; haha! So, we took a few pics with street clothing against various background and did the same thing wearing traditional garb. I brought my kimono along, so I took pics with that. Having a kimono around is GREAT because of the bit of extra money you get for wardrobe.

Now, i usually don't do background work because $126/ 8 hr day isn't that appealing and I could be doing something better. *However* this one was a 5 hour day with guaranteed full day's pay PLUS it being on the Fox lot, meant I was able to do drop offs at casting offices. I hit up offices for "Standoff," "House," "How I met you mother," etc. I also made a new friend at the "Standoff" production office through my other friend Adrian Zaw (www.myspace.com/adrianzaw). Anyhow, the episode that I'm in is #16, so keep an eye out! In addition, Adrian is William Chung, one of the 'featured' dead guys that will show up as part of a husband/wife couple.

So, after walking around the lot for half an hour and spreading the word of Junko, I returned to my day job feeling quite accomplished. For lunch, my boss made Spam ramen... my first real experience with da po' man's food. It wasn't bad, but three pan-cooked slices were quite enough. Would I eat it again? yes. But not anytime soon.

good grief... i need to get to bed and it's not even 9pm!!! sleep is good.

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12:24 am - *yawn*
Doing 'photo' background for "Bones" tomorrow morning at Fox Studios. Should make this an interesting day.

man, i gotta go to sleep!

nite; more tomorrow!


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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
12:21 am - musings of the night...
So, a few things on my mind today:

I submitted to a group called Kung Fu Femmes. Look them up if you like. They were looking for someone with sword background, so I half heartedly submitted and they wrote back saying they wanted to see me. I've been on the fence about them. If you look at their footage, it's 'aight.' I've gotten two opinions so far (from two guys actually). One says "bleh" and the other says "it may be fun."

My gutt says 'no.' But my opportunistic side says give it a try. With being so busy these days, I don't want to waste my time just for checking something out unless its a sure thing. oy... i think my logic is kicking in: I'm already shooting a webisode in Feb. AND I think Lodestone's K-pow is starting up very soon too (at least that's what I've been told). And I recently was introduced to "Tate" which is a type of choreographed Japanese sword/combat. That group is still at its infancy, but the guy who runs it has a lot of great background and previous experience. There's also already been some invitations to perform, but he hasn't developed his students yet. So that, right there, are three things. Already. And it's only Jan. 3rd. argh.

I also started teaching myself guitar as of tonight... my fingers hurt >0< Nonetheless, i hope to be practicing that regularly.

Aight, that's about as much blogging I can handle right now... oy!

This is so cute, I had to post it!

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Sunday, December 31st, 2006
7:00 pm - "Because tonight is the night the world begins again" ~ "Better Days," Goo Goo Dolls
This is pretty long, so it back, relax and enjoy~!

I can't even remember the last time I updated anything!  My apologies folks, but I'd also like to take this time to reflect on my year. 

I'll start with the personal aspect of this past year. 

Last year during the holidays, I spent it in San Diego with my college and family friends.  And I was still working at Baxter on the weekends.  I clearly remember driving up to LA again to work on New Year's day... and getting hit by another car on the 405. :P  This year I was invited to a party (well, a few actually) where I'll be ringing in the New Year with the first person I met in LA and still continue to know.... and also take part in a poker tournament ^-^  (It's a recent addiction.  really.)

In this first year in LA, I think the most important thing I discovered that I need my support system.  I went through dips of desolation, isolation, and desperation, but seemed to always be able to bob back up to the surface with the help of my friends back on the East coast and my new found friends here.  I think at one point, I wanted to get to know just as many people as I did in Boston, but in LA and I feel like I've accomplished that.  I feel like I've created a nice safety net for myself.  I hope in 2007 I will expand on that and venture out into the not-so-safety net areas too (whatever that may be). 

A lot of this came about in the last half of the year especially after I was fired at Baxter at the end of June (which I know the reason for now... but I won't divulge here :P; its not a big deal anymore).  I think that was really a blessing in disguise, much like my car accident in 2005 played a big part in my future decisions.  After I got fired, I threw myself into classes at East West Players where I became close to a great group of people.  We continue to support each other's endeavors.  This was also the time I was looking for a job or freelancing like crazy: I was teaching 3 students, I was handing out flyers on the street for clinical trials, I was the PR rep to Japan for Johnny Hi-Fi, and started doing simultaneous interpreting for the Little Tokyo Community Council.  I dipped into my back-up money which were stocks from my old company I use to work at.  But despite those two months being SO busy, I had a great time doing it all.  Taking classes at East West Players also helped to introduce me to the Tuesday Night Cafe crowd.  This was really a fundamental thing that I was looking for... a place where a community came together and were trying to make a difference at the grass roots level.  And it also reminded me a lot of Boston back in 2002 when I first go to know Boston's indie music scene.

After a busy summer I arrived at a pretty calm fall and birthday... sort of.  My birthday was absolutely insane with a lot of karaoke involved, but it was SO fun.  Thanks for my best friend "L" for coming out from Boston for my b-day!  Shortly after my birthday (and recovery), I started working at an internet marketing company.  The kicker is that everyone (6 of us) is an actor.  What happened was that I reconnected with someone I met earlier in the year in regards to insurance (he's an insurance agent on the side) when he told me about workplace.  A few days later, I found myself interviewing, going through a training period, and getting hired.  Our boss is also an actor and wanted to create an environment where actors can be actors (ie go to auditions, rehearsals, etc) and learn new things at the same time.  We all try to make 35 to 40 hours a week, so it's very much work hard, play hard, but it's just right for me.

Career wise, I think I've taken decent leaps, but no bounds yet.

During the first half of the year, I started taking scene study class with Art Wolf which has been a gold mine of actor-knowledge and opened *lots* of doors for me as an actor.  I was also diligently going to the Actor's Network and sucking up every morsel of information as possible.  I was doing drop-offs and searching for an agent too.  Hell, I even got a callback for audition all by myself in March, so I was feeling pretty good.  I was temporarily with an agency until they told me I can still do a non-union job; they're cutting the check so "it doesn't matter".. obviously a pile of bullshit AND a red flag.  I got out of there pretty quickly.  Commercially speaking, I was going out at a decent frequency for a newbie without representation.  Oh yes... I even go to dress up as a Japanese Little-bo-peep for the finishing shots for "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift."  And then came June when within a week I signed with Sanger Talent Agency for theatrical representation and with Daniel Hoff for commercial representation.  Come to think of it for the latter half of the year, I had more theater auditions more than commercials.  *shrug*  I also started getting involved with Lodestone Theatre Company when I house managed "One Nation Under God" and then just recently "Telemongol."  I got to know SO many people and had an awesome time, but it looks like I'll be stepping away from that come the new year to get myself up on stage. 

I was also very excited to be cast in "Snark-a-snoops" which just ended in December.  It was wonderful entertaining children; my first time doing a kids' show.  And doing it at the Stella Adler was nice too :).  The people I was cast with were very talented and it was wonderful being able to perform with them.  If there is an opportunity to do "Snark-a-snoops" with them again, I'd do it in a heat beat!  In addition, I also performed in "Akira's Hip-hop shop" which featured James Kyson Lee (from "Heroes".. I LOVE the show).

Now, I had been taking class with Art for nine months and after a summer of classes at East West Players plus scene study and then a commercial class, I was starting to get burnt out both as an artist and monetarily.  In mid September, I made the call to Art to tell him I was taking some time off. 

So, coming into 2007, I have representation, a short film and a theatrical show under my belt, so not too bad eh?  My one solid goal of the year: book a co-star role on a show.  Sounds easier when said; trust me.  Well, its either that or my other options are: getting Equity, booking a commercial, or booking a featured part in a feature film.  oh ya... I've already been cast in "The Agency," a webisode starting to shoot around February.  I'll be playing the love interest.. yeay!  Quite different from the b*tch I was playing in "Akira's Hip-hop shop."

I'm going full speed ahead into 2007 with my eyes on the prize!

Have a happy new year!

Junko :)

Junko Goda

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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
7:37 pm - huh.....
So, I've been pretty contemplative lately... but before I launch into that, I have an AWESOME announcement:

**I've just been cast in a kids' theater science show called Snarkasnoops!  We will be performing on Saturday mornings in October at the Stella Adler Theater in Hollywood, then on Sundays in North Hollywood, and then we have two dates at the Geffen Theater!  This show is also presently being pitched to Disney... the Disney execs will actually be coming to check out our shows, so cross your fingers!

**In addition, you can now find me on IMDB.com!  Yeay~~!

** I just finished performing in East West Player's "Command Performance" to wrap up our six week program!  One of my classmates' friends actually came up to me after wards and asked me to audition for her film.  She's a UCLA extension school student and a really cool gal.  I auditioned for her this past Sunday.

Now, that the announcements are over, onto the contemplative schtuff as of late:

I'm 4 days shy of my tenth month here... wow!  In both good and bad ways.  I mean, life as an actor in Hollywood, is pretty hard...  well, it feels that way these days more than it did before.  Since being 'terminated' from my temp job at the very end of June, I've been doing odds and ends jobs.  Hell, I'll confess, I'm actually on unemployment right now too!  I think that temp experience was okay only for a while until my 'I hate working in the corporate environment..grrr..!' really reared its head.  My time these days has definitely been taken up by job searches compared to the acting biz stuff, which is a bit unfortunate.  I've been looking for mainly Japanese/English interpreting and translating jobs in addition to tutoring two Japanese students at the moment, like I use to back in Boston.  I've applied for jobs via monster.com and craigslist and I'm at a point where I think I've 'cast my net' as much as I can for the time being, but the money situation is a reality and continues to elude me these days.

One 'acting comfort' is that I've continued to be in class... a very *key* thing where people can easily forget that they are actors because of jobs, friends, significant others, 'projects' or whatever.  In addition, I'm going to go talk to my theatrical agent tomorrow.  It's been a little over two months since signing with him and I haven't been sent out at all.  I sat back for a month with the 'comfort' of having an agent, but I've still been sending out my pictures to casting directors like a diligent actor that I am.  Most of the reason is because TV season is kicking into gear *now* and I'm also a newbie.  Nonetheless, I need my agent to pull for me and to get me in that room with those casting directors!  As for the commercial agent, it's been okay with them; they've sent me out here and there... I just gotta book it!  Which is why I'm taking a commercial auditioning class in addition to my scene study class.  Where do I get the money to finance this?  I have no idea.  Thank god for credit cards :p

But despite my inner turmoil, I still like to keep my chin up.  I have this philosophy (which is probably 99.999% true) that if you keep thinking gloomy thoughts, only bad things can happen to you.  So, I've been trying to be optimistic and keep looking at the horizon.  I've been super active in the community at large... I've been house managing for Lodestone Theatre company for their present show "One Nation Under God."  In addition, I've been continuing to be active in the music community... I'm helping out with a fundraiser called The Platform 2006 and also with jd8 record/komuzika's singer songwriter residency at Chow Fun restaurant in LA's Chinatown.  It's been crazy especially with the house managing thing, but after this month it'll get a bit more quiet... thank god!!!  I think I won't be freaking out as much and I hope that I start seeing more auditions coming my way in September!

Thanks for reading folks!  And double THANK YOU for posting too... it means a lot for me to know that you guys support me, even if it's just to say hi!

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Monday, July 31st, 2006
12:23 am - Update...
Ok, so, I haven't written here in over a month... sorry guys! I'd like to think that it was for a good reason. Okay, maybe not. My apologies!

A week after my last entry about getting a theatrical and commercial agent, I lost my temp job. It was quite rude actually:

I think before, I was a little bit hesitant to write here because my co-workers had access to this journal. But now that I'm out, here goes:

So, the company I use to work at is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company that runs 24/7. I was able to work on the weekend shift, hence freeing my weekdays up for actor work. The company undergoes a shutdown period each year where they go into the facility and do all the fixing and improvements that they need to do. My weekend shift supervisor had informed me that I would be back to work after shutdown. In fact, he told me the last day I saw him before going on shutdown. Early the next morning, I get a call from my temp agency saying that the dayshift supervisor doesn't need me anymore... anymore as in forever. So, that was it. I found myself without a regular source of income all of a sudden. I was initially upset at first; not for being terminated, but of *how* I was let go. Anyhow, that was a month ago now.

I didn't really have any time to think about it because the following week, I was starting my classes three times a week at East West Players. I've been taking scene study and improv at their Summer Actor's Conservatory. They offer an additional 5 classes, but I couldn't afford it right now. I'd like to think that I'm on the 3 year plan ;) I've been having a great time!

Amusingly enough, a few days after starting my classes/losing my temp job, I got a call from a friend who hooked me up doing some freelance work for a music management company. I've been working for Johnny Hi-Fi's manager to book their gigs in Japan for their Asia tour this Fall. I also have picked up teaching English again too. Although it's not enough and I've applied for unemployment, I don't feel 'panicked' or anything... At least not yet. I think I'll start freaking out when I'm living on the street or something.

As far as things on the acting front, I haven't been sent out on any auditions theatrically, but have been sent out once with my commercial agent. Not too great, but at the same time, commercial/TV season is just starting to gear up. I'm keeping my eyes on the fall for auditions and opportunities.

I've been keeping myself busy by being more involved in the community. In addition to getting to know the people at East West Players, I've also started getting involved with another Asian American theater group called Lodestone; I'll be Box Office/House manager for their upcoming show "One Nation, Under God." I've also started dabbling back into music by helping out jd8 records with a residency music night in August and a fundraising music 13 week 'showcase' too. I continue to meet a lot of people... many I feel will grow to be my close friends here.

In addition, I've also started going back to Aikido. It came down to Aikido, Capoeira, Kung-fu, or salsa (I know, an odd myriad of options). I feel that *finally* I truly feel like I'm living here. I was 'draggin' a lot of 'what use to be back in Boston.' I was finally able to go back to practice with a more open mind and, I gotta tell you folks, it was a great feeling!

So here's to the future folks!

And oh yes, you can now look me up on IMDB!

PS.  I'd also like to mention that although I never personally met him, Mako recently passed away.  He was the founder of East West Players and will be missed.  He's left quite a legacy and no one will forget him!

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Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
4:48 pm - on the UP!
Hey all!
Well, all five or six of you that read... :P

No, I enjoy your guys' company! Thanks!

Now, why am I on the up? Well, that's because...

*drum roll please*

As of today I'm on board with Daniel Hoff Agency for commercial representation! WOOT WOOT!

What does that mean? Well, first off, I have representation for commercials, industrials, music videos, and print! Second, I have full representation in all areas of the industry in a week! How CRAAAZY is that?

Ya, I'm flipping out today. I'm waiting to flip out so much that I tire myself out :P

I can't believe things have come together *this* quickly!


current mood: ecstatic

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Friday, June 16th, 2006
5:45 pm - Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift opens tonight! AND GREAT NEWS!

Hey guys!
First off, please go out and look for me in FF:TD! Hint: I share the screen with Sonny Chiba and I'm the Harajuku Dorothy at the end. I had an awesome time working on the film and made good friends. In addition, the box office numbers will show that Justin can make a summer popcorn movie ;) And in truth, I've seen this twice already: once at the world premiere at Universal Studios (yes, I did the red carpet thing minus the press) and once at a promotional event. Both times there was always something to focus on for me (music, effects, etc), but both times, the drifting was absolutely awesome! As for the storyline itself, imho, it's far better than the other two.

Okay, I'm going to have to stop now before I give away too much.

Now, in another piece of news: I NOW HAVE THEATRICAL REPRESENTATION! Yes, peeps, I am now represented by Sanger Talent Agency as of yesterday!  The work continues, but I have more support and a team member to help me in my career, so I'm very excited!

Ok guys, let's see how this weekend goes!

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Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
1:01 pm - My short "Irish Blood" now on sale!
I will update my recent running-arounds, but some news for now:


The DVDs of the Best of the 48HFP: Boston are ready! You can get yours at the following URLs:

Boston 2006: http://www.customflix.com/210731 (new!)
Boston 2005: http://www.customflix.com/207422
Boston 2004: http://www.customflix.com/210730 (new!)

For more information, go to the web addresses above, or to:

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Monday, May 8th, 2006
12:08 am - SO much going on!
I've been going full speed lately, but I have a brief moment to catch my breath.
Here's the quick and dirty version since last writing:

1. After meeting with the commercial agent, I got a phone call a week later or so and the guy told me that they were passing on me. A bit 'boo hoo', but life goes on. I just did a pretty big mailing on Thursday, so we'll see what the response is from that!

2. Worked on Fast and Furious 3 again, but this time I had my good friend (who is one of the principle actors) to hang out with on set, so it was a MUCH different experience than last time.

3. VC film fest started on Thursday: the above said friend had an extra ticket to go to the opening ceremony/VIP reception as well as screening of "Journey of the Fall" which was absolutely amazing as well as a historical education on what happened in the 80's in Vietnam.  Quite heart wrenching at times, but it really showed the immigrant experience... at least one aspect of it.  I already have my closing night ticket for "Americanese" which I've heard about for a while. 

*I must say that attending the opening ceremony was very inspiring!  I also met a TON of people including many who are working AA actors.. also very inspiring!*

I'd also like to take this time to promote my friend's show... Well, he's an Asian American singer/songwriter.  Here's the info:

FuseBox: A Celebration of Asian American Music and Video

Wednesday, May 10, 2006
doors open at 8 pm
videos and performances begin at 9:45 pm
$8 online $10 at the door

Café Club Fais Do Do
5257 West Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016

One of the artists performing this night is Corrine May who I saw back in 2002 or so when she opened up for Kevin So at Passim.  She was absolutely amazing!  This is a show that should not be missed!  Although there aren't a ton of West coast people reading this, you'll find me at this event!

4.  Finally, I've been *crazy* busy because I just moved last Monday to a new apartment.  And since I got work on FF3, I haven't had time to completely move in yet!  My room looks like a suitcase exploded.  Well, not quite, but y'all know what I'm talking about ;)

As always, thanks for reading!

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Sunday, April 9th, 2006
6:41 pm - update
So, new things from the last time I wrote:
1. Commercial auditions galore!
2. Meeting with potential representation
3. Getting into the community

1. Since that Suntory commercial call, there's been a lot of calls for Japanese/Asian or Japanese speakers. Case in point:
My 8 years of Spanish throughout school came in handy the other day for a Spanish market national insurance company commercial featuring a pretty famous actor. It was for an Asian stewardess who speaks Spanish. I made it all the way to callbacks. Although I didn't get the gig (obviously) I got to meet the casting director (who casts for big named companies like H&R block), so I sent her a thank you card and she will be getting updates from me from now on.

The other commercial I was sent on was for Apple. The auditioners had to sign a disclosure form saying that they wouldn't talk about what went on in the audition... quite high profile, indeed. Call backs for that are suppose to be for this week and I know for a fact that they were still looking for people to put on tape.

Another commercial that I went on was for a Las Vegas tourism spot where I got to be a translator... yes, not too hard there. In addition, because there was a cancellation by one of the other women, I got to go twice. woot. Call backs for that aren't for another week and a half.

2. I have a friend of mine from Boston who went to school with a guy who is an agent out in LA... and quite a good one too (from what I hear/researched)! After feeling like I'm starting to get the hang of the industry, I *finally* dropped my headshot/rez at his agency and 20 minutes later, I got a call and set up a meeting with him on Tuesday. I'm really excited about meeting him. I'll update on that later!

3. I'm going to be volunteering tomorrow night at East-West Player's fund-raising gala and am looking forward to meeting new people in the Asian theater community. In addition, I just sent an application to be a volunteer on-call storyteller at the Japanese American National Museum; hope to hear back from them soon :D

Other transitions: I'm moving out of my present apartment due to roommate issues. I haven't gotten a confirmation yet, but by Tuesday I may have a place for May 1.

Just a quick update for you guys... I really want to sit down and write an entry on the workings of the industry soon, but this is it for now!

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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
1:01 pm - lessons learned...
Okay, so last time I wrote, I had a few things going on:
1. Suntory commercial audition
2. "Hamlet" and "Much Ado..." auditions
3. a meeting with a potential manager

1. Suntory commercial was pretty 'amusing.' Unfortunately, they were primarily looking for Japanese guys since there were very few Japanese gal's roles. I was paired with another Japanese actor (who spoke Japanese), and they had us improv in Japanese for a while. This was pretty fun because it was my first time auditioning AND improving in Japanese. In the end I wasn't hired, but that's how the biz goes!

2. The "Hamlet" audition didn't go very well. In fact, I completely bombed it by blanking out. LOL. It was just one of *those* moments. I restarted and tried again, but I just didn't get anywhere. I (mentally) scratched my head, said 'oh well,' and gave a nice smile to my auditioners. That following Tuesday I was able to work on the monologue and change it a little bit. When I auditioned for "Much Ado..." I did really well and felt great about it afterwards. I didn't get called back for either of them in the end, but just being able to spiff up the monologue and change it up a bit helped a lot.

3. Ah yes. The manager thing. First off, I checked at the Actor's Network's book to see what others' experiences had been with him. One big red flag I spotted: he charges people. Now, that's a big NO NO. BIG. It's like saying this: "A law firm hires a new lawyer, but the lawyer says 'hey, you guys need to buy me a new suit so I can work for you.' The manager is working for his clients and he gets 15% of the cut. The client is NOT working for the manager... that's why we're called clients. Why did I go? I'm the type of person who wants to know for myself. I didn't know how old the comment was either, so things could've changed since, who knows; I just wanted to know for myself.

Well, I met this guy over at his home office. We had a fairly long chat and through the first half of our meeting, things were sounding good. He originally hailed from MA and spoke about some of his connections to the industry. He also took some calls for his clients to schedule some of their auditions. I liked some of his philosophies and the fact that he seemingly had fairly strong connections to the industry. In addition to being a manager, he is also trying to get his own action film off the ground and was interested in trying to cast me for it... maybe.

Then the latter half of the meeting began and it was basically red flags all over the place and was horrible. First when he got into the topic of casting for his film, he had me stand up and do a 360 turn... something common for slating for an audition. And he commented that I had a nice ass. *sigh* *red flag #1* Although my ex may agree with that (LOL), I really don't want to hear that from a potential manager.
Then he started pulling out pics of the two Vietnamese sisters who work for him and showing them off. *what's the point? I thought* *Red flag #1.5* Next, he was ranting and raving about this one girl's demo and proceeded to show me. It was basically the girl dancing around on stage (I think she's also a singer/dancer), then cutting to a scene where she gets out of bed and looks at herself while in her underwear in a mirror and proceeds to get ready for the day (incl. brushing her teeth). Then a little bit of her working a punching bag. That was it. Afterwards, he says 'that was great!' while in my head I was saying *that was a piece of crap. She didn't talk at all.* *red flag #2*
Finally the killer: he pulls out the contract and goes over it section by section and finally on the second page it says "$480." *sigh* *Red flag #3 or more equivalent to Red Flag #1500* He folded up that contract and sent me home with it.
Later that day, I called him back and told him I wasn't interested. Then just last week he called me to see if I was still interested in hiring him as a manager. He obviously wasn't paying attention when I called him a week and a half ago, just a few hours after meeting him. *red flag #1501*

So, that's about it with my latest adventures. I recently had a commercial audition for an insurance company and I got a really good response from the casting guy, so we'll see if I get called back for it!

That's about all for this entry. Thanks for readin'!

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